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Written By Regent Bank

Tulsa’s Tech Scene Beckons a New Wave of Angel Investors

In the heart of Tulsa, a tech ecosystem thrives, fueled by a newfound drive and investment. The rise of incubators and accelerators—ACT Tulsa, i2E, and others—has positioned our city as a burgeoning hub for tech startups, as acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration.

Amidst this growth, angel investors become pivotal. They’re the early backers, those who plant the first seeds of capital in startups with investments typically ranging from $5,000 to $250,000. Their support is critical in the early stages where small bets can lead to substantial returns and innovation.

Tulsa’s angel investment scene is vibrant, with new groups like Bust Ventures—spearheaded by Adele Beasley Weaver—leading the charge and fostering opportunities, particularly for women in tech.

The message is clear: Tulsa is on the cusp of a tech renaissance, and angel investors are invited to play a key role. As the tech landscape expands, these investments are not just beneficial for startups but pivotal for the economic fabric of our city.

— Authored by Peter Mullen, a Tulsa native and veteran of Silicon Valley’s tech industry, now nurturing his hometown’s tech sector at Regent Bank.

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