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An Award-Winning

Empower Dreams, Foster Innovation, and Make a Difference in Banking.

Discover your potential and make a difference.

At Regent, we’re more than just a bank – we’re a family committed to helping our employees grow, our clients succeed, and our communities thrive. Our values are deeply rooted in trust, innovation, and service. Here, you’ll discover a culture that champions continuous learning, diversity, and making a tangible impact. Step into a world where your passion meets purpose, and your growth is our priority.”

Consistently voted one of the top workplaces.

And with the top employees being recruited daily, you can rest assured you’ll get the 5-Star Concierge-Style Service we believe sets us apart.

Top Work Place
Best Workplace
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Top Of 2022

Our Core Values

Bring Your “A” Game Everyday

This value emphasizes the importance of consistently delivering high-quality work and performance. It sets the expectation for your employees to strive for excellence daily.

Be a Lifelong Learner

Promoting a culture of continuous learning can help your business stay competitive and adapt to changes effectively. Encourage employees to seek out learning opportunities, whether through workshops, conferences, or online courses.

Enjoy the Journey

This value is a reminder to celebrate successes, enjoy the process of growth, and foster a positive and supportive workplace culture. A happy and engaged team is more likely to be productive and committed.

Have a Sense of Urgency

Having a sense of urgency can boost productivity and help your business respond quickly to challenges and opportunities. However, it’s essential to balance urgency with thoughtful decision-making.

Always be Truthful and Transparent

Transparency builds trust, both within your team and with your customers. Make sure that open and honest communication is encouraged throughout your organization.

Go Above and Beyond

This value promotes a culture of going the extra mile to meet customer needs and exceed expectations. Recognize and reward employees who demonstrate exceptional dedication and customer service.

Show You Care

“Show You Care” is a powerful and meaningful core value for any business. Demonstrating genuine care for customers, employees, partners, and the community can profoundly impact your company’s success and reputation.

Benefits & Culture



Our comprehensive insurance package includes health, dental, and vision coverage, extending support to you and your family in all aspects of life.

Paid Time Off

We offer flexible paid time off and a special 2-week sabbatical every five years, encouraging you to take the time needed for a healthy work-life balance.

401K Matching

401(K) Matching

Facilitating your retirement planning, our competitive 401k matching program simplifies and enhances your efforts to invest in a secure and rewarding future.

Free Snacks & Drinks

Free Snacks & Drinks

Adding comfort to your workday, enjoy a variety of free snacks and drinks in our office, a small but delightful way to keep you energized and focused.

Employee Testimony

“Working at Regent actually allows you to feel a part of a family that loves not only you, but the people it serves. The cliche corporate theme of a work family is often said but never felt in a company, but at Regent the actions speak louder than words.”

Braden McCalister

Credit Analyst Assistant

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