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ACH Positive Pay

Ultimate Control Over Your Electronic Transactions

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay is a cutting-edge fraud prevention service that helps businesses control and monitor ACH transactions. By pre-approving ACH debits or filtering them based on your criteria, you can protect your accounts from unauthorized electronic transactions.

Who It’s For

  • Businesses of All Sizes: From small businesses to large corporations, ACH Positive Pay is essential for anyone processing ACH transactions.
  • Financial Institutions: Offer added security to your clients with real-time fraud prevention.
  • Nonprofits and Government Entities: Ensure the secure handling of electronic funds and donations.

How It Works

  1. Set Your Rules: Customize rules and filters to allow only authorized ACH transactions.
  2. We Monitor ACH Activity: Our system continuously monitors incoming ACH transactions against your rules.
  3. Immediate Alerts: Any transactions that don’t meet your criteria are flagged, and you’re alerted.
  4. Take Action: Log in to our online platform to review and decide whether to pay or return flagged transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update my rules and filters?

Absolutely! You can modify your settings at any time to fit your evolving business needs.

What if I want to approve a flagged transaction?

Simply log in to our online platform and approve the transaction with a click.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automated Fraud Protection: Set rules and filters to allow only authorized ACH transactions.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Transactions that do not meet your established criteria are flagged, and you are alerted immediately.
  • Customizable Controls: Set specific filters based on transaction amount, trading partner, or Standard Entry Class codes.
  • Easy Review and Decision Making: Review flagged transactions and decide to pay or return them through our user-friendly online platform.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect your accounts from unauthorized ACH debits and reduce exposure to fraud.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports on all ACH transactions, including those flagged and actions taken.