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Automated Cash Management for Your Business

Sweep Accounts

Efficiently manage your cash flow with our Sweep Accounts. This automated cash management tool transfers funds between your checking account and an investment account, ensuring that your money is working for you at all times. Minimize idle funds and maximize returns with a service tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Who It’s For

  • Business Owners: Maximize returns on excess funds and maintain liquidity for operational needs.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Ensure that donations are invested wisely without complicating financial management.
  • Financial Managers: Utilize automated cash management to focus on strategic planning and growth.
  • Corporations: Tailor sweep accounts to accommodate complex cash flow patterns and financial strategies.

How It Works

  1. Consultation: Meet with our financial experts to determine your unique needs and objectives.
  2. Set Thresholds: Establish minimum and maximum balance thresholds for automatic transfers.
  3. Choose Investment Options: Select the investment accounts aligned with your risk tolerance and goals.
  4. Automated Monitoring and Transfers: Let the Sweep Account manage your funds daily, moving them between accounts as needed.
  5. Review and Adjust: Access detailed reports and make adjustments as your business evolves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the thresholds or investment options?

Yes, you can adjust these settings to meet your changing needs with the assistance of our team.

Is my investment guaranteed?

Investments are subject to market conditions; our financial experts can guide you in choosing suitable options.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automated Transfers: Funds are automatically moved between accounts based on predefined thresholds, so your money is never sitting idle.
  • Investment Growth: Excess funds are invested in interest-bearing accounts, allowing your money to grow.
  • Customized Settings: Set up personalized parameters to match your business’s cash flow needs and investment goals.
  • Daily Monitoring: Account balances are reviewed daily, with adjustments made to align with your financial targets.
  • Enhanced Liquidity: Maintain easy access to your funds while earning interest on idle cash.
  • Security: Benefit from secure transfers and adhere to all regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Integrated Reporting: Receive detailed reports on account activity, interest earned, and other essential metrics.
  • Dedicated Support: Our expert team is available to assist with setup, customization, and ongoing management.

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