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Business Lending Checklist

At Regent Bank, we respect the value of your time and aim to demystify the lending process for you. Our checklist is designed to streamline the documentation required for evaluating your loan request. If you have any questions, please contact us at 918.488.0788 or email [email protected]. We are excited about the prospect of partnering with you.

Business Information:
  • Financial Statements:
  • Previous 3 years’ tax returns (and current year extension if not yet filed).
  • Year-end financial statements for the last three years.
  • Current year-to-date financial statement (including both balance sheet and income statement).
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report: (For operating companies)
  • Debt Schedule: A list detailing terms, rates, and payments of existing business debt that will not be refinanced by Regent Bank.
  • Corporate Documents: Such as incorporation or LLC formation documents.
  • Business Overview: A brief history and description of your business.
  • Collateral Overview: General information about the proposed collateral for the loan (e.g., type of real estate, general equipment details).
Personal Information (for Guarantors):

Note: Typically, anyone owning more than 20% of the loan-requesting company will be asked to guarantee Regent Bank debt.

  • Tax Returns: Previous 3 years’ personal tax returns.
  • Current Personal Financial Statement: Includes both assets and liabilities.
  • Identification: A copy of the driver’s license for all guarantors.
  • Personal Debt Overview: Details about terms, rates, and payments on existing personal debt that won’t be refinanced by Regent Bank.

Thank you for considering Regent Bank for your financing needs. Let’s simplify your journey to success.

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