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We Believe in You

Since the beginning, we’ve been about more than just banking.

We’ve seen the news and we believe in something greater than what banks have a habit of becoming. 

So we’ve started by placing a huge emphasis on becoming one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma & Missouri. We all get to celebrate together when we reach new milestones instead of executives only.  We’ve built a culture to recognize great work when we see it and we show it off. And we’ve taken a ground-up approach with employee advisory boards that meet and implement new procedures. Because we know, when we have the best staff with a great culture, we’ve laid a foundation on which we can begin to build something bigger that really makes a difference in people’s lives.

Next are our clients. 

We don’t just say we believe in our clients, we show it… such as offering free access to great resources like our Executive Luncheon, Faith in Business & Non-Profit Leadership Series.  These are free monthly & quarterly training & networking resources that we’ve had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about how they help our client’s & friends’ businesses & lives. Every morning we have an open to the public daily devotional where you can call and listen in. We have annual VIP Celebrations & holiday events where we get to see some serious dance moves. And at the end of the day, our personal bankers get to know you and what’s important to you… so don’t be surprised if you get a hand-written note from your personal banker when something important happens in your life.

We believe that there are some demographics that require such a unique level of service, that simply “banking” them wouldn’t do. 

So, we created entirely separate banking divisions to help cater to their specific needs, such as our Ag Banking Division, Hispanic Banking Division and our Healthcare Private Bank for Healthcare professionals.  These divisions have separate and distinct resources & staff available to help our customers in each of these unique markets.

Most Importantly, We Believe in You. 

We pride ourselves on being a community-first bank that looks deeper than just the numbers on a spreadsheet.  We see the stories and the lives that are behind an economy that might just be in a temporary downturn.  We’re in this together as a community bank.  Our kids are probably going to the same schools or playing on the same teams together.  We’re attending community functions right along with you and we know that when you succeed, we all succeed.  And we’re here to help you do it.


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