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Testimonial-Jeff Frable

Jeff Frable - Partner, CCK Strategies

I’m Jeff Frable, a partner with CCK Strategies, where we provide tax, accounting, and business consulting solutions for entrepreneurial business owners. From the perspective that our firm has won national awards from a culture perspective I see the same types of things in Regent. Whether its ELS or Faith in Business or the daily devotional calls or their desire to help non-profits, I see there’s a real desire to serve people. From a culture perspective that really speaks to me and speaks about the character of the people and their desires to just serve people. That’s one of the reasons I really enjoy Regent Bank as a whole and the people at Regent Bank in particular.

My relationship with Regent goes back to the very beginning when I first met Sean. Over a period of time as the bank has grown from the very beginning I’ve seen that Sean has attracted the same type of people throughout that entire time. The people that I’ve gotten to know over this period of time that I’ve done business with and have communicated with and interacted with, not only from a bank perspective, but in the community are always a joy to work with. Anybody that I talk within the community that deals with Regent Bank has always spoken very highly of the people that they deal with at Regent Bank.

The first reason I would recommend anyone to Regent Bank is because of the people. I believe that they care about doing business and doing business in a good manner and in an ethical manner, but also being efficient and productive and getting someone what they need as fast as they can because they understand how fast business can move.

The second reason I would recommend Regent is because of the products and the services they provide as a whole. Anyone that I speak to in the community is always speaking very highly of their interactions, not only with the people but with the products that they receive. I think it boils down to the people and the service they get at this bank.

I think one of the strongest things Regent has going for it is being a community bank.  Personally I feel anytime you walk into a national chain you just get lost from the door on. I know that when you walk into Regent you meet people that you know and you talk to people that you know. Even if you’re first time in they are going to be welcoming of that and caring. I think anytime you have the opportunity to do productive business in a smaller atmosphere you end up having a better product and I think that’s exactly what Regent provides.

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